How Memory Lane works

A second memory

Your phone remembers everything you do, even if you don´t. It knows where you've been, what you've posted on social media and much more. We used this insight to develop Memory Lane.

A test about you

Memory Lane is a unique memory test with questions about you, for you. The app can create questions like, “Where is this picture taken?” and “What was the weather like yesterday?”. Questions about your life that often only you – and your phone – has the answers to. 

Over and over again

Since the phone is constantly by your side, the test can be updated continuously. The app charts your results, for you to keep track of your results over time and compare them to last week, month and year. 


Your smartphone remembers everything 

you do. Even if you don't.

It can be difficult to discover memory loss. That's why The Swedish Brain Foundation 

created Memory Lane, a personal memory test that generates questions based on your mobile activities. 


A test about you, for you.


Anna Hemlin

Secretary General

The Swedish Brain Foundation

The Swedish Brain Foundation aims to educate people about their brain and dementia deseases. Memory Lane is an excellent initiative to raise awareness about these issues and get people to reflect about their memory functions.

Göran Hagman


Karolinska Institutet

Memory Lane is a very exciting idea. Never before have we been able to question people about their memory over time. This could be a very important contribution to future research about dementia and memory loss.

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